WDGSDAD? Day Three

Apparently, I spoke too soon by blogging so early last night. I spent around 20 minutes reading work-related blogs after I posted and then, after some recuperation, I did some more work related to my professional goals, as detailed below.

8.15 Receive suggestions from a colleague on the abstract I drafted, which I then revise and submit.

8.45 Submit a packet for a creative writing prize at my institution and compile some initial ideas for a poetry reading I’ll be doing on Monday.

9.05 Retire for the evening for the second time.

This brings up my totals for Monday to a more representative amount.

Research time: 2 hours 35 minutes

Total: 7 hours 10 minutes


Now, let’s turn to Tuesday!

9.00 Awake and very much not raring to go.

10.10 Drive to campus.

10.30 Check emails in my Writing Center office.

10.35 Read more of Coleridge’s letters. I was particularly intrigued to see how he circulated an early version of “Dejection: An Ode” to his friends as though it was addressed to Wordsworth, when the original letter in verse was actually addressed to Wordsworth’s sister-in-law, Sara Hutchinson.

11.00 Meet with a seminar participant. We talk through possibilities for the conclusion to his paper and he is even so kind as to hear a little about my research. I send a follow up email with my suggestions for revision.

12.05 Check the “tutor notes” i.e. summary reports from some of yesterday’s Writing Center appointments that I helped to set up.

12.10 Send a few texts and check Facebook before walking over to the English department and having lunch in the graduate lounge.

1.00 Talk to two colleagues who are strategizing for their general exams at the moment.

1.15 Meet with my advisor to discuss my prospectus.

2.15 Get coffee; receive good luck wishes from some kind colleagues.

2.30 Attend the colloquium for my dissertation prospectus, which was approved.

4.00 Feeling a little overwhelmed about what comes next with my dissertation, I head home.


The Bermuda Triangle of my project, so succinctly depicted by one of my advisors.

4.35 Arrive home. Demand a hug and a compliment on my new shoes from my partner.

4.40 Make some minor edits to my prospectus, including reformatting the bibliography to conform to the latest, controversial version of MLA style.

5.15 Review the notes I took on feedback presented during the colloquium; add several items to my range of different reading lists.

5.45 Register for the 14 Day Writing Challenge, with an eye to the chapter I’m working on.

5.50 Skim an article on how the chapter came to be (by a critic recommended during the colloquium) and another article on haptic knowledge (forwarded to me by a colleague).

6.05 Head to the grocery store.

6.40 Arrive back on campus, snacks in tow, for a salon arranged by the Graduate Association for Literary Artists at UConn. I’m the treasurer and have brought some newer poems to share.

7.50 Leave campus and, after stopping at home briefly, head out to celebrate with my partner and a friend.

11.00 Back home from the bar. An email from my advisor prompts a few more revisions to the prospectus. I’ll need to print it out in the morning and submit it to the Graduate School.

11.15 Begin this blog before turning in for the night! It was an exhausting day.

I definitely checked my emails and “triaged” while we were out this evening, and I also should note some thinking time over the last few days. I often draft sentences for writing projects when my brain is moving toward or away from sleep.

Work for the Writing Center: 1 hour 20 minutes

Research (and service) time: 6 hours

Total: 7 hours 20 minutes


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